Muziklaband 2022 Battle of the Bands

In line with the Abre Grande 2022 calendar of nightly activities, the Palompon League of Artists & Musicians (P.L.A.M) presents their first-ever event, “MUZIKLABAND 2022 BATTLE of the BANDS” featuring 3rd Floor Band and the competing bands: 3Sum+1, 6th String Harmonic, Chuckles Saliva, Fretless, Hook up Band, and Key of G l Juvenile Band. The events were graced by Mayor Ramon C. Onate and the Sangguniang Bayan Councilor Jonathan T. Yap, Palompon Municipal Eco-Tourism Council Inc. Representative Dr. Benita N. Pastor, Consultant on Environment & Progressive Sustainable Tourism Raoul T. Bacalla, & other guests from different towns. Mayor Ramon C. Oñate congratulated all the winning teams; he encouraged the youth to showcase their talent in music. To the event organizers & sponsor of this event:

congratulations and mabuhay! Indeed, it was a Muziklaband night of camaraderie, a truly memorable event.

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