Module 06,08,11,17,18&20 : High School Students On DRRM.

Promised Land Academy &Alfredo Parilla National High School. 4th Set –4th Batch on the Modular Course Study: MODULE-06 Typhoon Plotting & Mapping, Module-08 Early Warning System, Module-11 Disaster Mitigation conducted by Terence Osmeña, MODULE-17 Man-Made Hazards facilitate by Palompon Pnp Personnel, Module-18 Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis conducted by MAO personnel & Module-20 Drills and Simulations conducted by Lt. Ray Glenn Rosel Veruen & PERT personnel. This is a joint initiative between the Local Government Unit of Palompon, Leyte and Dep-Ed Division of Leyte. #HighSchoolStudentsOnDRRM #DisasterPreparedness #SaveLives

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