Kayak Race Relay and Dragon Boat Race

Day 2 LGULympics afternoon events: Kayak Race Relay and Dragon Boat Race along the Tabuk Marine Park Fish and Bird Sanctuary Channel. The main objective of this LGU-Sports Festival and Socio-Cultural Activity 2022 event is to promote to the entire Local Government Unit community camaraderie, athleticism, good sportsmanship, teamwork strengthening, character building, and teaching respect, honor, discipline, friendliness, inclusion, resilience, and perseverance.

Congratulations to the winners of Kayak Race Relay Champion the Red team (House Lannister), 2nd place Yellow team (House Baratheon), 3rd place Black team (House Targaryen), and 4th place Green team (House Tyrell). For the Dragon Boat Race: Champion the Black team (House Targaryen), 2nd place Red team (House Lannister), 3rd place Yellow team (House Baratheon), and 4th place winner is the Green team (House Tyrell).

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