Himorasak ang Lawig ni Quiot 2022 Presents BDO Night

Himorasak ang Lawig ni Quiot 2022 Presents BDO Night. This is the first ever cultural presentation where “Unity in Diversity” presentation of festivals and appreciation of local cultures within the Lateral Circuit Alliance. This is one of several dynamic initiatives when the Three (3 ) Municipalities of the North West Leyte Tourism Corridor, Isabel, Palompon and Matag-ob decided to use an Alliance Approach as a strategy to create a tourism destination and utilizing Tourism as a tool for local community economic augmentation.
With the uniqueness of Tourism Destination Areas (TDAs) and the diversity of history, geography and culture of each of these 3 towns, the 3 Local Chief Executives (LCEs) Mayor Bernie G. Tacoy, Mayor Ramon C. Oñate and Mayor Edgardo Cordeño managed to forge a reciprocal partnership that gave birth to the concept of Himorasak ang Lawig ni Quiot, a fusion of inter-town cultural presentation featuring Himorasak Festival of Matag-ob, Lawig Festival of Palompon and Quiot Festival of Isabel.
The Lawig Festival name takes its foundation from the Bisayan word, “Lawig” – meaning, “to sail on” – which its founders envision to crystalize the Palomponganon’s relentless optimism, courage and fighting spirit in facing life’s challenges and opportunities for growth.
Quiot Festival: is a free interpretation of what was formerly a local version of the Sinulog of Cebu but this time with the town’s history woven into the usual storyline of locals needing divine intervention from the holy child for some pestilence while dancing to thank him.
Himorasak Festival: Is a festival of abundance dedicated to the local farmers of Matag-ob. A ritual dance pleading for better yields from farms and a period free calamities.
Indeed the LGU-Palompon led by Mayor Ramon C. Oñate, Vice Mayor Ferdinand Dela Calzada, SB members, SK Federation President Evana Kirstie Misagal, PMETCInc. Pres. Romeo Guzman, Raoul T. Bacalla Consultant on Environment & Progressive Sustainable Tourism and ANAK Dancers would like to thanks and congratulates Mayor Bernie Tacoy & company for the successful event last Saturday September 17, 2022 held at Freedom Park Matag-ob Leyte. “Kudos to everyone who put the event together” and Mabuhay…

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