The Colegio de San Francisco Javier, Inc. presents ” YEAR OF THE YOUTH”. This night is in celebration of the youth for the youth, not only of Colegio de San Francisco Javier, Inc. but to the rest of the young people who felt the blessings as bestowed by our Almighty Father – of being Beloved, Gifted, and Empowered. Let this night be also a reminder to take a stance with the youth: journeying with them, listening to their doubts and dreams, inviting to conversion and communion and raising them up to fulfill their greatness. Kudos to the students and teachers for showcasing their skills & talents. Our tribute respect and gratitude to all the loyal and dedicated School Director Fr. Ivan Petillos, PTCA officers, parents, teachers, students and supporters who have laboured and give their efforts, cooperation and full support to make this event successful. The event was graced by Hon. Mayor Myra Georgina L. Arevalo M.D.

#CSFJNIGHT2019 #YearoftheYouth #OnePalompon

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