Palompon Festival of Festivals is an event that gets you deeper into appreciation of our every Barangay’s unique
culture, tradition and even in how the name of their Barangay came to be. This municipality has fifty barangays and for love of culture and heritage has crafted this event thus the initiative of the Association of Barangay

Council Headed by President Rene Camposano. This year, is its first competition and this was participated by six Barangay contingents – the “Buling-buling” of San Isidro, the “Hunasan” of Mazawalo, the “Tubod” of
Tinubdan, the “Carabao” of Tabunok, the “Bakasi” of San Guillermo and the “Imbao” of Cambinoy. They were duly appreciated and thanked by Mayor Ramon C. Oñate and Vice Mayor Georgina Arevalo, who gave the Inspirational
Message and Closing Remarks respectively. And as a whole, the Palomponganon’s are happy to invite everyone to this event “The Festival of Festivals” which is the highlighting activity of the “ABC” Day every November 28 of each year. Welcome!

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