Abre Grande – Ika-walong Pag lawig Ni Señior IKO

2018 has the face of a new ABRE GRANDE LAWIG Celebration. The thrill, the fun and the challenge escalated a new height, with the innovative “Mantaha Boat Race” that immediately followed after the 15 KM.. Kayak Marathon @ the Spoken Poetry. The pictures here speak of more than a thousands words of the said successful events. These were all start with the Ecumenical service- a community thanksgiving prayer for the safe crossover from the Super Typhoon Yolanda. In a capsule, the ABRE GRANDE-LAWIG 2018 showcased the community prayer, the sports events and
Agro-Trade Fair of the Municipal Agriculture Office. In a very special focus of the ABRE GRANDE-LAWIG 2018 Program was the Sisterhood Pact signing by the Mayor of Dimasalang, Masbate Hon. Mayor Edgar A. De Lara and our Mayor Ramon C. Oñate. Vice-mayor Georgina L. Arevalo, welcomed everyone in her warm opening address. And we say as a whole- the annual LAWIG Festival for 2018 to mark the Feast Day of our Patron Saint San Francisco Javier this coming Dec. 3, was opened with a Big Bang-the ABRE GRANDE LAWIG CELEBRATION 2018. Come on everyone – we invite you to join us in our nightly events to follow!!!

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