1st LUBI FESTIVAL at Brgy. Liberty

Barangay Liberty was called “Tamban” of old, this sitio of Sta. Rosa had long wanted to be weaned but residents of the mother barrio always refuse. Danilo Eli, a skilled carpenter, mounted two wooden warriors on top of a pole fitted with a propeller. With a good wind, the figurines engage in combat, which school children soon took as symbolizing their sitio’s struggle for autonomy. One day, a storm struck and in frenzied exchange between the two combatants, the one representing Sta. Rosa was “mortally” hit in the neck. This signed victory for Tamban which upon being finally separated from Sta. Rosa, was aptly name LIBERTY, meaning free. Almost 90% of the barangay’s total land area is planted with coconuts and there is no other fitting name than the tree of life for local residents. Coconut tress have provided for their means of livelihood. Aside from copra every part of the coconut practically can be use as raw
materials for handcraft makers, such as twigs use for decor, sheaths for hats or bags, and leaf midribs for décor items and brooms. Other tree parts can be used for commercial purposes such as coconut water for vinegar or coconut gel, trunk for housing materials, leave for foods wrappers, sap for wine, and coconut shells for charcoal. Lubi festival extols the many uses of the coconut parts as costumes, props and accessories., it is held every 4th week of May as part of homage to the patron saint, Senyor San Isidro Labrador, with a dance which commemorates the progressive succession of manual manipulation on the fruit of the coconut during harvest. And a joyful expression of the thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and blessings receive from the tree of life locally known as “Lubi” (coconut) and to promote the barangay’s tourism industry. This year’s fiesta celebration highlighted with the first Lubi festival come up and realized thru the leadership of Barangay Captain, Hon. Gilbert Toledo, the Teaching staff of Liberty Elementary School with the guidance of the Palompon Municipal Eco-Tourism Council, Inc. The events was highly graced by Hon. Mayor Ramon C. Oñate, Vice-Mayor Myra Georgina L. Arevalo, SB Members, PMETCInc. headed by Dra. Virginia S. Beltran, Liberty Elementary School Teachers headed by Romeo Guzman, Brgy. Liberty Officials, Visitors & Balikbayans. Indeed itwas a fruitful and a successful 1st LUBI FESTIVAL! Advance Happy Fiesta Brgy. Liberty…Viva Sr. San Isidro Labrador!!!

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